Rajdeep Singh Kundhi is an SEO expert who can take your website to the top rankings on Google and transform your business to new heights. He knowledge of SEO is solid and is dedicated to help all his clients to get the traffic they desire for their website. So if you want to make a difference to your business through SEO, he is the man for the job.

Gregory Ortiz
Gregory OrtizNYC SEO Expert, Marketing Consultant, Reputation Management Consultant

Rajdeep Singh Kundhi is an SEO expert who is honest, dedicated, trustworthy and has good knowledge of SEO and what it takes to get you the best rankings. If you need a skilled SEO expert to help take your business to where it needs to go, he is your guy.

Joshua Fletcher
Joshua FletcherOwner at Search Explosion

Rajdeep is a brilliant SEO. I have had the opportunity of working with him on a few projects and was very impressed by the results he achieved for his clients. He certainly is a master of his trade and this is clearly reflected in his work. I never hesitate to recommend Rajdeep to my closest friends.

Faisal Uraizee
Faisal UraizeeFounder at Ranking Rhino

If you’re looking for SEO results, Rajdeep is your man. He consistently over performs expectations. His skills are cutting edge and they don’t disappoint. I’ll work with him again when the opportunity arises.

Jake Moore SEO Expert
Jake Moore SEO ExpertDigital Mover

Rajdeep stands at the forefront of creativity and progress in the SEO industry. He has helped me advance my business further at a pace I never thought was possible. He is very practical, results-oriented, and leans into challenges and competitive markets with unwavering certainty that he will come out on top. I would highly recommend his digital marketing services to any company that is serious about improving in their niche and business

Jenesis Jones
Jenesis JonesSEO Consultant at Genesis Dynamics Enterprises

Rajdeep is one of the best SEOs I have met in Birmingham. He can definitely provide you with great market research and a solution that will produce positive results for your company. Highly Recommended.

Gustav Seidl
Gustav SeidlCEO at SwixOne, SEO

Rajdeep is a smart, professional and result motivated SEO Expert. His Knowledge of how online marketing works is astounding and he always guarantees results. I am always impressed with not only his ability but also how much he cares about his clients. I’d recommend his services for anyone looking to take their company to the next level

Ger Giffney
Ger GiffneyCEO at Great White Leads

If you’re looking to up your game and get on the first page of Google in the West Midlands area (and beyond), your search ends with Rajdeep. It’s not often I’ve run across someone with not only a vast breadth of knowledge in SEO and digital marketing but also to encounter someone who cares so deeply for his clients…it’s a rare and refreshing combination. Can’t recommend Rajdeep enough, I give him my fullest endorsement!

Rob Cushing
Rob CushingFounder at Port & Starward

Search Engine Optimization Expert. He understands the algorithms of Google and helps multiple companies that don’t. If you are still thinking whether or not you should be hiring Rajdeep for his Marketing work, than stop and just do it. Rajdeep is a man full of integrity and that is a characteristic that is hard to come about nowadays.

Danielle Brinkley
Danielle BrinkleySearch Marketing Consultant

Rajdeep is one of the most dedicated SEO professionals. He is insightful and an ambitious strategist. Can focus on many tasks at once. Would recommend very highly!

Marc Hughes
Marc HughesGoogle Grants Specialist

Raj works alongside the top SEOs in the world, he has an extensive knowledge of search engine optimization and digital marketing in general. He takes all the knowledge and applies it in a professional manner. If you are looking for an SEO expert to achieve sustainable rankings on Google, contact Raj.

Rubie Kaur
Rubie KaurSEO Specialist

Rajdeep Singh Kundhi is excellent SEO professional. He is very knowledgeable, offers different strategy, very creative.

Tatiana Proctor
Tatiana ProctorSeattle SEO expert, Mobile website optimization, Google ranking agency

Rajdeep’s pharmacy background and advanced skills in online marketing are significant assets promoting wellness related businesses. He delivers his talents with integrity and efficiency.

Hich Lahad
Hich LahadPartner at Lahad Search Engine Marketing

Raj is an SEO guru he always keeps on top of new strategy, what’s working and what to move away from he stay’s on top of they industry to benefit your site in the most positive way’s possible.

Manuel Turcios
Manuel TurciosFounder / Owner at MML SEO

Rajdeep Singh is an individual who always strives to deliver the best SEO results for his clients. He is dedicated, honest, trustworthy and I would recommend him to potential clients in a heartbeat!

James Saroka
James SarokaFounder/President at SIM

Raj is a results driven individual and takes pride in constantly refining his SEO skills. Working with Raj has been a good experience and I would certainly recommend him to anybody who wants SEO done to their website.

Alnoor Verjee
Alnoor VerjeeFounder, SEO Expert & Google Partner at AV Solutions Central

Raj is a very results driven SEO expert. He always keeps his knowledge up to date and cares for his clients greatly. So if you need a good SEO professional, I highly recommend Raj’s services.

Jhonny Castillo
Jhonny CastilloSEO Expert & Google Partner- Driving Organic Traffic & Leads to Businesses

Rajdeep is an exceptional SEO expert. He has the ability to transform the field and balance all the objects and pieces dangling in your favor. He is also a man of integrity. If you have a chance to work with Rajdeep, you and your online reputation will benefit massively.

Dharmender Badwal
Dharmender BadwalConsultant, Digital Marketing

Rajdeep is a true innovator and professional in his field. As an expert in search engine optimization myself, I can say without a doubt what separates the 99% from the 1% is an ability to adapt to Google’s ever-changing algorithm; a job that is difficult but one that he does better than most. If you want the job done right you want Rajdeep.

Chirag Sharma
Chirag SharmaSEO Expert Helping Drive Leads and Customers to Businesses

Rajdeep is amazing to work with, Just a consultation with him and you quickly find out he is serious about helping people transform their businesses. If you want to grow your business as fast and safe as possible then you need to talk with Rajdeep.

Robert Harden
Robert HardenPortland SEO Expert | Driving Traffic & Leads To Businesses

Rajdeep is where it is at in SEO. A phenomenal ability to rank for difficult keywords he is your man to look after you reputation online and drive a lot of new organic traffic to your site. Trust Rajdeep to take you to a new level.

David Murphy
David MurphySEO Expert: Driving Google Visibility. I will 10X your business with organic traffic.

Working with Raj in the SEO field was a real pleasure. His knowledge and understanding on how to take your website to the 1st page of Google proves he is the man to work with! If your looking to have SEO marketing on your website be sure to connect with Rajdeep.

Chris Burton
Chris BurtonSEO Specialist, Moving Your Website To The 1st Page of Google! Be In Front of Your Market

Rajdeep is an excellent search engine optimization expert. I would be fully confident that any project would be handled with complete professionalism. This is definitely the pro you want to hire.

Jeremiah Bennett
Jeremiah BennettNationally Recognized Search Engine Marketing Expert

Rajdeep is a digital marketing expert who gives it all he has got! Rajdeep communicates well and can be trusted. Working with Rajdeep in the past on projects I have found him to be strategic and innovative when it comes dominating the rankings. I recommend Rajdeep because I know he will take good care of your business and help you achieve your online success.

Anton Bogatirev
Anton BogatirevGoogle Certified SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Consultant, Driving Traffic and Leads to Businesses

Rajdeep is an expert when it comes to ranking websites in Google. I learned so much about how to get more traffic to websites from Rajdeep. My advice to any business owner who is considering hiring him is to jump on the opportunity as soon as possible, you will not be disappointed.

Michael Baugh
Michael BaughGoogle Partner, Expert at SEO, Digital Marketing: Get More Traffic to Your Business

Rajdeep Singh Kundhi doing an excellent job for search engine marketing and website ranking. He is very knowledgeable and has a great working ethic. He helped us with social media accounts and our advertising expenses dropped but client base increased.

Daniel Proctor
Daniel ProctorWeb Content Specialist | Project Manager at Utensily

Rajdeep is an absolute expert when it comes to SEO and online marketing. I’m always blown away by how much I learn every time I talk with him. He has my full recommendation for all internet marketing and SEO consulting work.

Steven Clark
Steven ClarkTransforming Local Businesses By Sending Profitable Targeted Traffic to Websites

Rajdeep really knows what he’s doing, and is hands down one of the best SEO experts I’ve met. I was blown away by his ability to affect revenue and rankings, and would love to work with him again soon! If your company needs revenue online, contact Rajdeep – he delivers as promised.

Scott Schneider
Scott Schneider SEO/Lead Master

I met Raj at an event. Some time later, we managed to work together on projects and his skills for ranking sites was amazing and it lead to a lot of success. I admired the fact that he was curious and wanted to further develop his SEO skills. An attitude like that is what breeds results, so if you come across Raj and need SEO on your site, do not pass up the opportunity.

Surech Kay
Surech KayMalaysia SEO expert driving targeted traffic and leads to businesses

Raj is a very hard working SEO expert. He is a professional that delivers results and is always experimenting on new ways to improve his SEO talent. Trust Raj to get your website to where it needs to go.

Amier Najafi
Amier NajafiSearch Engine Marketing Expert

Rajdeep is a talented SEO expert, who I have witnessed first hand improve his skills to the next level. He offers value and results for his clients.

Kotton Grammer
Kotton GrammerNationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur. I Alter Businesses by Sending Revenue Producing Organic Traffic to Websites

Rajdeep is an expert in the SEO field. In addition to it, he has extensive expertise in mobile friendly and AMP conversion for websites. Rajdeep has increased leads and sales for his clients by bringing high traffic and leads to the businesses where he has implemented SEO services. He is definitively the professional to go to in the SEO industry.

Francisco Ortiz
Francisco OrtizSEO Expert driving traffic & leads to Swiss and global businesses

Raj is always looking to provide value to small and medium-sized businesses with his solid understanding of SEO on Google. He is an honest, reliable person who takes pride in delivering results. If you want SEO done on your website, Raj will give you the results you need.

Waqar Ali
Waqar AliGlobally recognized internet Marketer. Transforming Businesses generating gross revenue by OrganicTraffic to websites